Buying a new home has many advantages. There are no renos, no DIY. Everything is up to date and state-of-the-art. The only stress you might face is all the decisions you need to make. You’ll probably have options for lighting, flooring and other aspects of your new home. How do you choose? 

Upgrades or investments?

When you are building from scratch, you’ll have more options than ever before to create the home of your dreams. Many homebuilders, including Stepper, offer free or discounted upgrades. It’s a great time to consider significant upgrades that will pay dividends when the time comes to sell. And it’s the best time to have major work done by professionals, when you aren’t having to live through the noise and dust! 

Where should you start when considering whether an upgrade is a good investment? Most professional interior designers suggest that your priorities should be the kitchen and bathrooms, followed closely by the basement. Here are our Top Five Upgrades, 

kitchen1. Get creative in the kitchen

Experts agree that you should lavish attention on items you will see and use every day. So go for the best quality cabinets and hardware you can afford. If your budget will stretch, opt for deeper, longer cabinets, soft-close doors and premium hinges. 

Remember that what can feel like a luxury today becomes an essential in a few years time. That means you could consider stand-alone hoods, microwave drawers, undercounter beverage centres and a kitchen island. 


2. Let there be light — everywhere

High quality light fittings will add value to your home, now and into the future. Much better to get recessed lighting fitted during the building process, rather than have to cut holes in your ceilings at a later date. 

A well-lit kitchen is a must, so consider all the adjustable or hidden lighting options available to make for safe work areas and romantic dining nooks. The bathroom too is an important lighting challenge. Make sure you strike a balance, with bright areas near mirrors and a more subtle effect for relaxing in a soaker tub. 


3. Save energy and look cool

Modern, energy-saving appliances will reduce your heating and power bills right away. Better still, if you buy at the top of the range, buyers will be comfortable that they can live with quality appliances for a few more years. So consider tankless water heaters and appliances with the highest efficiency ratings. 

4. The wow factor

In every home there will be an opportunity to make a statement. Try to avoid quirky or unconventional designs but don’t be afraid to branch out in certain areas with quality materials. Examples might be handmade artisanal tiles in your bathroom, or slab stone on your fireplace. You might consider a free-standing soaker tub. But by far the best investment could be a finished basement, perhaps a home cinema or a home sauna. These are the wow additions that can transform your home from a place to live into a long-term investment. 

Upgrading your new home will mean it stays up to date far longer — and will probably add value faster as the years go by. 

To find out more about how you can get included upgrades in your home, visit one Stepper Homes great showhomes and ask about our upgrade promotions, on for limited time only!