Take that next step and move into your own home!

You’re getting to that point where you just can't deal with another landlord. Or perhaps you have been saving your pennies by staying with mom and dad. Or perhaps you're looking to get rid of the roommates. Whatever it is, you know its time, and that you're ready to get a place of your own!

However, looking for a home can feel like an overwhelming project. What do you need to buy a home? What is your budget? Where should you live? What do you want in your home? Here are a few steps that help answer all these questions and perhaps more!

Stepper Custom Homes single family homes

1. Find a Lender

Most of us do not have the full amount for a home and need to borrow the funds to make the full purchase. When planning to buy a home, arranging the finances with a bank or other financial insitution is the first thing you need to do. Your lender will review your finances and tell you what you can borrow from them. You will often get pre-approval to a certain amount.  If you don't, you can also find another way to help get the loan, often with a co-signer.

The financial institution will also give you a variable or fixed interest rate. This rate is your choice, and will help you determine what monthly costs would be going forward.

2. Set a Budget

Now that you know how much you qualify for, you can set a budget. Currently, interest rates are at their very lowest, and this can help you with your budget. You might be surprised how far your budget can go!

Often, the best way to think about it is asking "what can I afford?" The mortgage payment is only part of the equation. Taxes, insurance, utilities, and maintenance are all important costs to consider. Once you estimate your monthly costs, you can get a really good idea of what the budget is for your home!

3. Find a Community

Now that you have a home budget, you can start thinking about what areas you would like to live in. Finding a community is key. Do you like inner-city? Do you like suburbs? Do you want to be out of town? Go for a drive, and start to get a feel for what you like and what you don't like.

By visiting a number of communities, you will start to see what amenities are available in each. Important things to look for whether you like the way the houses look, and if there are shopping areas, schools or future schools, playgrounds, walkways, and proximity to major roads. You might not need all of these, but at least a few will make your future community somewhere you're happy to call home!

4. Floorplans

Now that you've found the perfect community, it's time to find the perfect home! Floorplans are varied, with open concept being a prevailing floorplan in recent years.  Quick Possession or new homes are both available, depending on how much you want to customize your home. Important things to consider are how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, and then focus on what other areas are important. Things to think about are whether you want an office, a bonus room, and where you want the laundry room. Many new homes include fantastic features like granite countertops, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and other great modern finishings.

Whatever you choose for your home and your budget will be a great fit for you and your family. Owning your own home can create the freedom and independence that you are looking for! If you want to find out how we can help make buying your first home easier, visit stepperhomes.com and check out our Photo Gallery to see our home designs!

We build new single family homes in the following communities:

Mahogany Quick Possessions: Starting in the $420's

Legacy Attached26 & 34 Legacy Lane SE starting in the $430’s

 Quick Possessions:  starting in the low $400’s

Boulder Creek Estates, Langdon220 Boulder Creek Drive, Langdon, AB starting in the $450's

Heritage Hills Townhome & Laned Homes, Cochrane8 Heritage Terrace, Cochrane, AB starting in the low $300's

Kinniburgh, Chestermere205 Sandpiper Boulevard, Chestermere, AB starting in the $480's

Show Homes are open Monday – Thursday 2-8pm, Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 12-5pm, Closed Fridays