Latest Styles in Childrens Bedrooms

Your son loves hockey. Your daughter loves princesses. You want their bedrooms to be practical, but also stylish and neat. How do you reconcile all these desires? From kids' furniture to toy storage and paint colours, this guide will get you started with fresh kids bedroom ideas. 

Boys Bedroom Ideas

Kids Bedroom Basics

Whether you are designing a girl's room or a boy's room, start with the essentials like furniture and storage. Then add personality to your kids' room by including their favourite things and colours.

Kids Furniture & Toy Storage

The bed is the most important item to buy, as it is where your child is going to rest at the end of a busy day. A mattress that is comfortable will make everyone happy because it will give your child a good night’s sleep.

Setting up your kids bedroom with lots of storage is key. Consider buying a bed with built in drawers. Or find a bed that has sliding drawers that fit under your child’s mattress. This is a great place to keep toys, extra blankets, and seasonal items. Dressers are also important for clothing storage.  

Bookcases are another great storage option to keep your kids room organized. Secured to the wall, shelving and bookcases are the perfect place to put books, toys, stuffed animals, and more. Display items on the shelves or use baskets to group similar items and create a clean look. Labels on the baskets can help teach your children where to put things. Other items like laundry baskets, colourful bins, and toy chests are all great for extra storage.

Having a desk in your child’s bedroom is functional and convenient. When your child is small, the desk can be used for crafts, painting, play dough, games and puzzles. As your child gets older and more independent, their desk will become the perfect place to do homework and other tasks. 

Personal Touches

Find a way to add personal touches that will grow with your child. If football is their passion, find classic sports memorabilia that never goes out of style. Prints are also a good way to add personality to the room. If your daughter loves flowers, get flower vinyl wall decals. They are an inexpensive way of adding colour and uniqueness to the room without being permanent. 

Ask your child about what they would like in their room. As your child gets older, they will become more vocal about what they would like in their room. Including the ins bedroom decor decisions will make them feel comfortable in the space.

Boys Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to decorating your boys' room, draw from what he loves best to find your inspiration. His passion could be sports, dinosaurs, books, or movies; all of them can be used to create a wonderful theme for a boys' bedroom. For no-fuss organization, find open-top bins in his favourite colours.

Choose from classic colour combinations or explore contemporary paint colours and combinations for a modern bedroom. Red, blue and hite are a solid standby for a clean looking room. Orange and blue is also a classic for boys bedrooms, but the combination exudes a masculine rough-and-tumble feel. A couple of other colour combinations are green, blue, and yellow or grey and orange. These colour schemes can add lightness and maturity to a room, and will grow with your son. 

Girls Bedroom Ideas

Girls Modern Bedroom in Calgary Showhome

With girls, drawing from their loves is important as well. Her appreciation of music, animals, or dolls can be used as a jumping off point for her bedroom decor. Look for pretty jars and baskets to organize hair baubles, craft supplies, toys, and jewellery. Everything will be easy for your daughter to find, but keeping her bedroom tidy will be easier when everything has a place. 

You can take her to a bedding or fabric store and look together over the different patterns to find a colour palette. The ladylike combination of white and pink is pretty, but try breaking it up with green, lavender or yellow. 

Personalize the Space!

When painting for either a boy or girls room, try an accent wall. This will stand out and create a stronger splash of colour. And keep in mind, what you see on the paint chip is lighter than what will come out of the wall after priming and a couple of coats. At almost all hardware and paint stores, you can now find no- or low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints. No- or low-VOC paint is much less toxic and smelly than normal paints.  

Don’t hesitate to ask your children for their opinion. Let them help you pick out elements like pillows, blankets and graphic images. This will be their space, and by encouraging them to be involved in the selection process, they will feel grown-up and will want to spend time in their bedroom.

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