Tackling the Challenge of Designing Your Home Finishings

Decorating your home can feel like a monumental task. If you are starting from scratch, or building a look, new home ideas are everywhere, and can feel daunting. You want your house to look beautiful, but not out of date. Where to begin?

A great first step can be putting together a list of the room in your home. Prioritize these rooms. Pick the rooms that matter the most to you. Do you have big changes to make, or smaller ones? Do you need to do a refresh or an renovation?

Depending on your timeline, budget, and project list, there are endless ideas for design changes. We have broken them down into major design projects and small design projects below.

Major Home Design Projects

Simple & Modern Home Design: Kitchen


Big spaces have been the number one choice for kitchens, and will continue to be for the forseeable future. Many kitchen have a workhorse island - but don't let that word put you off! These islands are spacious and include lots of gleaming counterspace, where everything can be done. Preparation, cleaning, and entertaining are all accomplished here with equal ease.

Another trend is mismatched cabinetry. This could be different colours on top vs. bottom, but they can also include a mix of cabinet styles, like a shaker style and flat slab style. These combinations can give a modern twist to a classic idea. Cabinets can even be dispensed with in some cases. Open shelving, combined with an open concept layout expands the space and displays all those unique items you want to share.

Traditional white is also a classic for a reason. However, modernize with a splash of colour in small appliances or other accessories. Or use natural or raw materials in cabinets or countertops to add warmth to the space.

"Glamily" Room

Simple & Modern Home Design: 'Glamily' Room

Another big trend is the resurgence of formal living and family rooms. These rooms increasingly have a comfortable polish, with beautiful furniture and added light found in pretty pendants and floor to ceiling mirrors. Fabrics on the beautiful furniture are hardworking, sometimes using hearty outdoor fabrics that can handle spills and daily wear well. These fabrics aren't your old outdoor fabrics though, and are increasingly stylish and are just as sophisticated. 

Subtle and soft colours here are essential, but don't hesitate to add a deep coloured or fun and bright accent piece or throw pillow.

The new "glamily" room also dispenses with the digital world. No TV's are in the room, and smartphones are left in another room as well. The space is a little bit more glamorous, but also devoted to spending time with those you love.

Powder Rooms & Bathrooms

Powder rooms and bathrooms are also another area to add subtle style. Powder rooms are often small, but can have so much personality by adding rich colour to the walls. This can be accomplished through the use of wallpaper. And this isn't your grandmother's wallpaper either. New wallpapers are graphic, bold, and add unique depth. A statement mirror can also punch up the space.

A big trend in larger bathrooms is turning them into a living space. A little bit of organization takes away the clutter. If you add some greenery, and a comfortable chair, the space becomes homey and relaxing. Welcome to your own personal spa!

Small Design Projects

If you have a new home, or don't have the budget for a bigger project like above, try one of the options for smaller changes below.

Simple & Modern Home Design: MetallicsMixed Metallics

Combining metallic elements are huge right now. It could be copper pictures frames combined with a silver and brass pendant. Fixtures can be found any metal finish, but in contemporary designs. 

Pattern and Textiles

One of the best ways to bring texture to your home is through the use of pattern and textiles. Pick one pattern for throw pillows or a rug and pick another colour from it to add even more depth. This can be done in every room. And keep your eye out for locally made textiles and accents. You can support local artists, and combine them beautifully with more mass market products.

Bring in the Outdoors

With spring coming, we all crave greenery. Bring in some new plants, or even pops of green in accessories. And try furniture that can be used both inside and out. Those fabrics mentioned earlier can add a slightly different look to your home, and make everything useable all year long.

Go Minimalist

Pare everything down. Take away the clutter and purge the accents, and start from a simple place. You can either stay sparse and clean, or gradually build up a new look on top.

Move Things Around

Use what you already have to find a new look. Move a dresser to the living room, and a side table to the bedroom. Try positioning your couches and armchairs in different locations. Integrate and rework vintage pieces with easy DIY projects. Sometimes you don't need more, but just a different perspective.


Adding visual interest is key, so don't hesitate to try something new! Design is fun, and adding something different to the mix is a great way to find out what you like and inspires you!

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