Christine Grossmann

Christine is one of the newer members of the Stepper team, and an essential one at that! As our customers know, Christine has a wealth of knowledge on interior design and selections. She's also a ray of sunshine in our office, happy to help with whatever is going on, whether it's home design, volunteering, or giving cat advice! 

girl smilingWhat do you do at Stepper?

I am a Selections Coordinator.

How long have you worked for Stepper?

One year. 

What do you love about working at Stepper?

The first thing that comes to my mind immediately is the team atmosphere. Being an Interior Designer, I function very well in a collaborative environment and there is no shortage of teamwork within this company. The family oriented feeling is also another strong point – there is a great emphasis on the importance of family, not only with our customers, but with the staff.

How do you help our homeowners?

I would say I help them by doing what I love – Interior Design. I consider myself a tool that helps them and I like to help them anyway I can, whether it’s giving an opinion on interior finishes, letting them pick my brain on furniture selection post possession or just helping them keep their budgets on track.

Do you have a favorite example, story or project where you helped make a difference?

I don’t have one specific example, but when I hear from customers that I have made the selection’s process more enjoyable and taken some of the stress off of them, I know I’ve made a difference. Going through the build process and selecting the exterior and interior is a lot of work, especially if it’s the first house a customer has built. It’s especially rewarding to hear their happiness with the final product once they’ve moved in. 

What else are you passionate about? what else should we know about you?

I have been told that I’m a crazy cat lady, but I only have two! I love to stay active by going to the gym, doing yoga, hiking, and running along the river when the weather is nice.  I’m also very addicted to HGTV and true crime podcasts.