Playroom Design for Active & Creative Kids

As the fall rolls around, the days become shorter and cooler. The opportunities of sending your kids out to the backyard or to the park to play and burn off all of their extra energy also become fewer. As you begin to envision the toy clutter yet again covering each floor of your home, don’t despair! Consider the option of a kids playroom! Whether you use a bonus room, office, basement, or part of the bedrooms, a playroom is a fun space where kids are free to be kids. The playroom also helps keep the mess from spreading throughout your home! 

Kids Playroom Ideas (image by Pottery Barn)

Picking Your Playroom Space

When we talk about the kids' playroom, we’re not talking about the dark and dank basement rec room that you might have played in as a child. Instead, choose a bright space that gives your children the opportunity to spread their wings and fly with their imagination. 

Wherever you choose to put the playroom, kid-friendly vinyl or laminate flooring is a must for the rough-and-tumble nature of a playroom. Plus, it makes clean-up easy for parents. Add texture and colour by layering rugs or carpet tiles in areas used for gentler active play or lounging.

If you choose to put the playroom in the basement, try painting the walls a warm white. Lights are also incredibly important in the basement, especially is there is no natural light. Lots of durable ceiling light fixtures are a must, as they will keep the room bright, as well be able to handle the occasional ball hit!

Of course, size is an important consideration when choosing a playroom space. In a lot of ways, the bigger you can get it, the better. A bigger play area can mean your kids can safely run around indoors and use up all that extra energy. Leaving an open space in the center means the playroom can become anything from a mini-soccer stadium to a ballroom! 

Kids Furniture

You want the playroom to be a durable, comfortable, and safe space for your kids. Make sure play surfaces and furniture all have rounded corners and edges.

Tables and desks, with a few easy-to-move chairs, provide a space for your children to draw, colour and craft. Consider gently used pieces you find at thrift stores or online. That way if they get scratched, coloured, or glued, they are easy to replace, without breaking the bank. By keeping work surfaces around the edges of the playroom, you will be able to keep the middle open for more active play. 

Make the playroom more comfortable by adding bean bag chairs, child-sized arm chairs, or a sectional with washable slipcovers. This will create an area to read, relax, and cuddle in their private place.

Craft & Toy Storage Everywhere

Storage can be one of the most difficult aspects to include in a playroom. How to house so many toys and supplies while avoiding clutter? How do you keep it organized in a way that your kids will be able to follow? 

Bookcases are a must. Once you’ve secured them to the walls, bookcases are a great place to keep books, toys, and games. Higher shelves can store books and other items that aren’t used often or haven’t been grown into yet. Organize toys and games that the kids play with on the bottom shelves. Find a system that makes it easy for the kids to find and replace the items that they usually use. Numbered baskets can help children remember what is inside by matching numbers to items. Or use pictures on th eoutside of the baskets to remind kids which toys belong in each basket.

If you are looking for a unified effect, choose matching baskets, buckets, and furniture. This decor trend is functional and makes the room look less cluttered. However, don’t hesitate to use cheerful bold colours. Kids love them!

Consult the Playroom Experts... Your Kids!

Consider your child’s interests when designing their play room. Even better, ask them what they think. They could give you the idea that sparks a unique theme or colour scheme that works for both your kids and you! 

Try including their artwork in the design of the play area. This will help give the room that vibrancy that you’re looking for!

No matter what you choose, it will help you and your family to have a designated play area. They can have some independence, and perhaps, you can even get a little peace.

Check out our Kids Playroom Ideas on Pinterest to see examples of ways to give your kids a space to play! To see why we are Calgary’s family home builder, visit stepperhomes.com and check out our Photo Gallery to see our home designs!

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