Heritage Hills is built on the site of an old ranch. So it’s no surprise that there are still areas of green space to enjoy with four-legged friends. In fact, the dog park in Heritage Hills is just a ball launcher away from Stepper’s latest townhome development.

It’s really no more than you’d expect from a charming small town like Cochrane. People really, really love their dogs here. The town has two off-leash dog parks that are six hectares. One is along the riverside, opposite Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre. The other is west of Highway 22, under the Bow River Bridge.

Of course, if Fido is leashed, you can take in the views in many other delightful locales dotted around the town. And, if for some reason you are not available, Cochrane boasts several dog-walkers and pet care experts, including Mutts on the Move, Paw x Paw Dog Walking, and Cochrane Dogwalker.

For a town of its size, Cochrane is very well served by veterinary services, including Arrowhead Veterinary Centre, Cochrane Animal Clinic and Big Hill, to name just a few.

For dog food, toys accessories and services, such as grooming and washing, there’s even more choice for the pampered pooch. There’s Bone & Biscuit, which boasts fine baked goods for dogs, Pet Life, Pet Planet, Greenhawk, and many more.

When it’s time for you to fly off on vacation, there are resorts and retreats that take full advantage of Cochrane’s wide open spaces. You could check out local kennels and catteries such as Springfield Kennels, Gone Wild and Happy Tails amongst a long list of other pet hotels.

So, why not bring your dog for a walk to Cochrane this weekend? Make an appointment to tour a Heritage Hills townhome and see for yourself how Cochrane caters for pets of all shapes and sizes. Just like our townhomes.