4 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Home in Calgary RIGHT NOW!

Low oil prices often get a bad rap. When oil prices go down, the general spirit of Calgary seems to shift pretty rapidly.

Let’s be clear here, when oil prices go down it doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad for the real estate market or for home ownership, but we often see a “general feeling” of insecurity amongst the population rather than a logical analysis of the real estate market and economic forecast.

Of course it is always true that putting all of your eggs in one basket is probably not a great idea, diversity is the key to a healthy investment portfolio. This is why now is a great time to enter the Calgary housing market or pick up a new rental property.

Here’s why NOW is a great time to purchase a home in Calgary:

1. Economic Cycles: Calgary’s cyclical economy is a reason more than any to buy a home in our current market. After our red-hot real estate year of 2014, anything short of a boom is going to appear to be a cool-down and what goes down will almost certainly come back up again, and it’s good to get in while the market is a little uncertain. The CREB Economic forecast for 2015 states that “while sales activity is expected to ease in 2015, it remains consistent with long-term levels.” Buying a house in this market actually makes more sense than waiting for the market to heat up again 

2. Interest Rates. With interest rates at an all-time low borrowing money right now is a smarter move than when the rates are high. Lower interest rates mean lower monthly payments and if you are purchasing an investment property, that difference is money in your pocket.

3. Tight Rental Market. If you are still renting, you’re likely getting squeezed. Landlords know that the rental market is hot and it’s hard to find a decent place to live that is also affordable and they are going to take advantage of that as much as they can (wouldn’t you?). Low interest rates and a less competitive buyers market make this a great time to enter the market for the first time home buyer. 

4. Better Selection. CREB’s economic forecast states that “on the supply side, listings are still expected to rise. This is partially related to the expected rise in new home completions generating growth in new listings.” This increase in inventory gives the buyer more to choose from, which in turn gives the buyer an edge.

This so called “cool market” is an advantage for home-buyers. Thanks to home-builders the inventory levels of homes in the city are still increasing and this ultimately means more selection in more areas of the city and surrounding communities.

BOTTOM LINE: buying a home in Calgary is always going to be a great investment, and if you can pay less for a guaranteed return on investment than why not?

If you want it, and you want it right now there are options out there! Sometimes dealing with all of the hassle of waiting for closing times, and navigating the dates of your move can sometimes put you in a sticky situation. If you want your home sooner and without the hassle, choose a Quick Possession home. Stepper Custom Homes is a home builder in Calgary, and have a great selection of homes available for immediate possession. Visit our website www.stepperhomes.com or give us a call at 403-250-1033 for more information on the choices and styles of our homes.

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