Organizing Your Home with Designated Zones

Keep that clutter at bay by using these helpful home organization tips to keep clothes, shoes, school supplies, and toys all in the appropriate spot. 

Firstly, designate activity zones. Each zone can be customized to suit you and your family’s needs best, but here are a few examples.

Stepper Homes Organization Tips

Organize the Front Hall & Mud Room Dumping ground

• Hang small hooks for keys by the door, or inside the closet – These hooks keep those easily misplaced keys in one place, so they can always be found. Or corral keys in a small dish at the front and back entry.
• Mud room lockers for each person – Lockers are found pre-built in many new homes in Calgary, but they are also a great add-on idea for your front or back door! Cubbies or baskets can be placed inside closets or lockers to keep things looking clean and organized. Hooks within the lockers are also a good place to quickly hang jackets and coats.
• Limit what gets kept in the mud room to reduce clutter – Shoes, jackets, bags, and everything else gets piled into the entryway, so try storing only the essentials in this busy area. Rotate seasonal items like winter boots and coats to the basement other storage areas in the house when they aren’t being used.
• Storage ideas to create more space – Put in a dresser, console table, or storage bench to keep things handy, but out of sight. There are even hall trees, that are similar to built-in storage lockers, but they can be moved around as needed.

Bonus Room & Living Room Organization

• Organizers for tv remotes – Put a basket on top of the coffee or side table to keep the remotes from getting lost.
• Declutter with a Go-to box – Living rooms and TV rooms are notorious for collecting items that migrate from other parts of the house. Throw these items into the box – at the end of the week, everyone takes their items that belong elsewhere and puts them away. The routine will help develop organizational skills for the whole family, whie reducing the everyday clutter.
• Back-to-back bookcases – Having small bookcases placed back-to-back, can create a safe and organized place for books and toys. Put storage bins or containers in the bookcases, with reading material on one side, and toys on the other. These organizational systems will make it easy for the kids to put their toys away.

Create a Pop-up Kitchen Study Area

• Go-to box – The go-to box is great for decluttering the kitchen too, as it also means that other items that get taken in can be easily replaced later in the week.
• Study or homework caddy - Tuck a caddy filled with pencils, paper, erasers, rulers, markers, etc., into an easily reached kitchen cupboard to that is can be taken out and put away with ease. Your kids can sprawl out at the kitchen counter or table, but because there’s a spot for everything to go when they’re done, the chaos is contained.
• BONUS: Having your kids working in the kitchen means they are easy to manage and supervise – it’s easier to get them to focus if they’re near you.

Basement Organization - Stepper Homes

Basement Organization Ideas

• Keep it separated – If you have a basement, you know it can become a bit of a storage nightmare, especially if you don’t go down often. If you have valuable items, unpack them from that cardboard box, and put them into an area that can’t be easily reached by little ones. Plus, organizing similar items together will make it easier to find them when you need them.
• Dispose of what you can – This area can also become the area that outgrown toys, games with missing pieces, broken electronics, and extra recycling come to rest. Be firm and get rid of what doesn’t need to be kept, especially if it is broken or missing essential parts.

By creating these distinct areas, your home will be more organized and livable. Also, it keeps the bedrooms a place to read and sleep, which will help everyone sleep easier as well!

Check out our Organization Ideas page on Pinterest to see examples of ways to organize your home. To see why we are Calgary’s family home builder, visit stepperhomes.com and check out our Photo Gallery to see our home designs!

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