Perhaps you’re going to have a baby. Or you’re tired of paying rent. Or maybe you have changed jobs and want to be closer to work. A new home seems like an ideal solution — except you don’t have time to wait for it to be built. The alternative is to buy from MLS. But finding a home that way can drag on for many months.

Double Front Garage homeQuick possession homes are the best of both worlds. You can often move into a brand new home in 90 days or less — and there’s no need to make multiple offers, or to trek around to open houses.

With a quick possession home, it’s as easy as See it, Like it, Buy it.

Even so, there’s much more to a quick possession home than saving time. You’ll find that there are advantages in quality and peace of mind.

Get the latest and greatest

Buying a home from MLS, even a relatively new build, can mean compromising on quality. Technology and building standards change often, which means that homes quickly become dated. With a quick possession, you’re guaranteed to have the latest and greatest materials and design know-how. Everything from plumbing to shingles will be brand new, absolutely ‘up to code’, and installed and tested by experts.

Long-term protection built in

One of the unspoken fears of many homebuyers is the hidden problems that lurk in older homes. Perhaps it’s poor carpentry in the kitchen, or a sub-standard repair to the driveway. But it could be more worrying, like faulty wiring or a leaky roof.

With a quick possession, just like any brand new home, you get warranty coverage that lasts for years, commonly known as ‘1-2-5-10’ . In year one, you are covered for all defects in material and labour. (At Stepper Homes, we do a Day 30 inspection and then another at 11 months to make sure you are satisfied.) For two years, your distribution systems -- heating, electrical and plumbing — are covered. Building envelope, such as roof and exterior walls, are covered for five years. Last but not least, key structural components, from foundations to roof trusses, are covered for 10 years. You just don’t get that kind of peace of mind with a previously owned home.

We may call them quick possessions, but the benefits last for a long, long time.

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