Carol Warner

Our "Get to Know Our Team" series continues with Carol Warner, Customer Experience Analyst here at Stepper Homes.

Recently, Carol was a finalist for the Industry Ambassador Award with Customer Insight, the third party company that surveys our homeowners. Carol was nominated because of her positive impact on our customer experience, and how she goes above and beyond to improve Stepper Homes and the Calgary homebuilding industry. We appreciate Carol's dedication to analysis, follow-up and hands-on approach to communicating with each of our homeowners and departments. Congratulations Carol!

woman in front of lake and mountainsShe has also been essential to our recent Customer Insight HOME Award Wins for "Best Customer Experience" and "Builder of Choice!"

What do you do at Stepper?

I am the Customer Experience Analyst. What does that mean? I use a number of tools to analyze how our customers are reacting to our methods and then work with the various departments to look at these issues and make improvements where needed. When I’m talking to our homeowners, I usually tell them that we at Stepper have worked really hard to put the best processes and practices into place to build the beautiful homes they love, but sometimes we fall short. We use this information to measure and help us to improve and find solutions for our homeowners for the entire customer journey.

How long have you worked at Stepper?

I just had my 15th anniversary last September!

What is it that you love about working at Stepper?

I like the sense of being involved with something that matters – building homes for people. I also love the history and legacy of this 62 year old company. It means a lot to me that Stepper is just not the name of a company, it’s the name of a family. I want what I do to live up to that legacy and that name.      

How do you help our homeowners?

I monitor their experience by not only analyzing all the survey results, but also by reaching out by phone and/or email in intentional ways to hear what they say about us. I try to be another “ear” to those that feel like they are not being heard or understood and help them get to the root of any issues.

Do you have a favourite example, story or project where you helped make a difference?

No specific story, but I really feel like I’m making a difference when I reach out to a customer who is hesitant to talk about a concern, a disappointment, or a misunderstanding they’ve had, and get them to come out of their shell over the course of our conversation. I am able to take their concern  to our team, and we can get to work to understanding their need, but also finding a resolution. In most cases, we are able to turn both the situation and a potentially disgruntled homeowner around. I love being part of that process. 

What else are you passionate about? What else should we know about you?

I love my family & friends, I love to travel, I love the sun, being outside, walking and hiking and baking! My ideal day would be a hike with good people on an hot, sunny day, eating something delicious that I made myself, and oh yes, having a glass of wine!