Creating an Outdoor Getaway Adds Living Space and Value to Your Home

With our early spring, we have seen neighbours and friends sprucing up their outdoor spaces. Whether its cleaning or rebuilding, outdoor spaces are on Calgarians minds! 

We have assembled a list of ideas for your home green spaces, including ways to freshen them up! Additionally, we discuss how much value these areas of your home contribute to the total value of your home!

Curb Appeal

Building Your Outdoor Oasis: Curb Appeal

Having a beautiful home is something we all aspire to. The front of your home is the first thing that you, your guests, and your neighbours see, so its an easy choice when choosing what to invest your effort into. 

When designing the space at the front of your home, small changes can make all the difference. You don't want the front of your home to look too cluttered, but welcoming touches like a fun entryway mat and a couple of chairs and table will make you want to spend more time there. Flowers and other foliage in plantars adds colour, and are much less work than a front garden. A new door, new house numbers, or a coat of paint will freshen up your homes front quickly. It's also great to consider smaller updates, like a new door knocker, pin accessed smart lock, or even a new doorbell!

Many homes in Calgary and area have front garages, so the dressing up the front entryway and green spaces beside are where you would want to focus your effort. Bungalows and laned homes often have front porches that can improved on as well, and have a bit more space for creating a larger living space in the front of the home.

Having a clean and fresh looking front exterior can add up to eight percent extra to your homes value, which means thousands of dollars added to the value of your home!

Backyard Living Spaces

Building Your Outdoor Oasis: Kitchen

Maintaining and adding living spaces in your backyard is also a very important aspect of creating an outdoor oasis. Backyard changes range in size from flowerpots to a coat of paint to building a deck space. 

Patios and decks are the most common add ons in Calgary backyards, but there are a plethora of options available to you. It's important to think about how you want to live in your backyard space. If you are looking for your backyard to be an extension of the interior of your home, couches and and fireplaces are great items to add. Additionally, a BBQ might not be enough for your home, so building an outdoor kitchen might be an option as well. This could include prep space, an outdoor fridge, and storage. 

To extend the season of your outdoor space, gazebos and awnings are a fantastic idea. They will keep your living space dry, and extend your time outside throughout the shoulder season. If you have a safe heat source, it will be even better. These covers can also accomodate a beautiful light fixture. However, don't let not having a cover hold you back from lighting your space. There are amazing solar lights that include chandeliers, twinkle lights, and lamps!

Don't underestimate how much your backyard can contribute to your homes value. Depending on what you have, your backyard can contribute to fifteen percent of the value of your home!

Play Space

Depending on your space, you might also want to include some more fun into your backyard. There are so many ideas, but some favourites include trampolines, rockwalls, jungle gyms, and giant yard board games! These fun activities don't have to be limited to the kids, and your could include a backyard putting green! Play areas are a huge draw for families, and yours will thank you!

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