Give yourself the greatest gift this Spring!

One way to get your spring off to an exciting start (and give yourself a long-term gift) is to invest in a home. Stepper Homes has several immediate-possession homes that are move-in ready. While the weather transitions, the market starts picking up. Why move in the early spring? Here are five good reasons.

1. Moving companies are available
Another advantage? Bulky summer furniture and equipment are usually packed away for the cold season, making it easier to transport and store until the season turns.

2. Holiday hosting and gift-giving are done
The holiday season is over, so you can put hosting duties on hiatus and cash in those “free chores” vouchers your kids gave you on moving preparations.

3. No gardening
Stage your house without the extra effort of sprucing up your garden. Sell your yard as a blank canvas, and take plenty of time to make landscaping plans in your new property before the soil thaws.

4. Beat the late winter blues
You’ll be so excited about the inside of your new house you won’t mind being trapped indoors by the weather for a few more weeks.

5. Be financially smart
It’s common knowledge that investing in a home is usually a much better long-term financial strategy than renting a home. It also gives you the freedom to modify your home in ways that aren’t possible when you’re renting. Already own a home? This is the perfect season to put your home on the market, and low borrowing costs make this a great time to make a move.

Talk to your mortgage broker to see what your budget will allow, then see what immediate-possession homes are available from Stepper Homes. 

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