Give yourself the greatest gift this new year!

New year, new home! The gift that gives for years to come! Immediate possession homes are ready for you to move right in. Why not get your 2015 off to an exciting start? You may be thinking; why move in the winter? Why move so quickly after the holidays? Well, there are many advantages you may not consider when moving at this time of year.

Looking for a moving company? Chances are moving companies will have more availability at this time of year. Another reason moving in the winter is a good choice is that summer furniture and equipment is usually already packed away. This means you won’t have to pack it all up and unpack it again! Just leave it packed until the nice weather comes- easy! 

Another good reason to move after the holidays is holiday hosting, and gift-giving are over. Hosting duties are over and those “free chores” vouchers your kids gave you for Christmas can be redeemed just in time for moving! . All of those interesting kitchen gadgets you got from your friends for Christmas will also be put to excellent use in your new home.

Moving in the winter gives you time to think about your landscaping and outdoor plants before you have to put a shovel in the soil. Since nothing really grows that well in the winter, you are able to see your house as a blank canvas. You don’t have to move in AND garden. You can just move in, and worry about the outdoor work when it gets warm!

If you’re thinking of moving at the beginning of this year, you have time on your side. Planning that perfect house-warming party will be simple since your friends and family likely have less plans than they did over the holidays. Beat the winter blues and have a little fun in your new home! Since you’ll be so excited about the inside of your new house you won’t feel bad about not being outdoors either. It’s a win-win! You get to enjoy your new home and get all set-up when it’s the best time to be indoors of the year!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Investing in a home is usually a much better long-term financial strategy than renting a home. It’s a place you can really settle into and do all the things that you WANT to do with your home but can’t because you rent. Already own a home? This strong Calgary housing market and low borrowing costs make it a great time to buy. You may be able to sell that home in the future for more than you are paying for it now, and buying new is often more affordable then buying a used home in the same neighbourhood! 

If you’ve been hemming and hawing about if now is the right time to buy a new home, it just might be. Talk to your mortgage broker to see what is in your budget, then view our immediate possession homes page to see what is available for a quick possession date.

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