4 Reasons Small Town Living is for You!

Sometimes the city feels too busy, and or a bit too crammed together. You feel like you need to get out and feel freer. To go somewhere that you can see the stars, and feel the wind at your back is your dream come true. If this is something that you want to experience, read on to see why small town living might be for you.

1.    Live Closer to Nature

One of the wonderful things about living in a small town is how easily you can access all of beautiful nature surrounding you. You are surrounded by open areas, and everywhere in town has a view. Coming home is like a daily vacation from the hectic life you lead. You can live an active lifestyle because of your easy access to walkways, ponds, and creeks. Lakes and golf courses are often close by.

2.    Safe Communities

Smaller communities often have a focus on family and community that you might not fine elsewhere. Small towns tend to have close knit communities as well, where you not only know your neighbours and their family, but are friends with them. This community focus leaves you feeling safer, with quiet streets, and walkable areas for the kids to play in. Everyone watches out for one another, and while creating a tight bond with people, also leaves you and your family safer than ever.

3.    Have a Bigger Space for Your Family

Living in a small town is an easy upgrade for your life. By stepping just a few kilometres outside the city limits, you get closer to less expensive land. This means these areas have home lots that are half again or twice as big as the lot you would get in the city, but for the same or less money! You can have a more spacious floorplan, with an extra bedroom. You also have the room for that 3 or even 4 car garage you've been dreaming of. Storing the ATV, bikes, snowboards, RV's or sports car, all became so much easier, and for less!

4.    All the Amenities, None of the Stress
Another one of the great things about small town living is how stepping out of the city doesn't take you out of the world. Small communities have the schools, shopping, and activities, just without the line ups and stress. You won't need to rush home after work to beat traffic, or get up early to get the errands done. Small towns living is a quieter, easier pace that takes the weight off of your shoulders.

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