Here’s the path to your brand new home, built by Stepper.

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Express yourself as you plan each room

A home built from scratch offers all sorts of benefits over an established property, including price security, modern materials and appliances, and of course the choice of lot location.

But perhaps the most important aspect of building your own home is that you get to express your personality, through design and décor, in ways that are just not possible when buying an existing home.

Stepper Homes offers two approaches to interior design. Home Album is a set of designer-curated palettes that help you to quickly assemble a personalized look that is fully coordinated.

Stepper Select is highly customizable, allowing you to meet directly with our trades and suppliers, to choose almost everything from flooring to paint. In some cases our Selections Coordinators can even attend the meetings with you. (Stepper Select is not available in all communities.)