Here’s the path to your brand new home, built by Stepper.

Find the community you love
You’re buying the neighbourhood, too

Without a doubt, the three most important aspects of buying a new home will always be location, location and location. Stepper Homes selects the new neighbourhoods it invests in with the same care and attention that you should. We ask ourselves the same questions:

  • Is the landscape going to change around me?
  • Is there access to great schools, from K-12?
  • What kinds of stores and amenities are nearby?
  • What are the plans for new developments?
  • Where are the nearest churches, youth groups, sports club?
  • How long is the commute? Is transit nearby?
  • Is there work nearby?
  • Is the neighbourhood family-friendly?
  • Would this be a good place to own a pet?

The list of questions goes on and on — and they are different for each community and each homeowner. Fortunately, our Area Sales Managers have all the local information you could ever need at their fingertips. So seek them out, spend time with them, and find out if you love the community as much as we do.